You don’t Need to Buy Expensive Shampoos from the Market

  • fenugreek  have proved worth in treating variety of hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, baldness, dry hair etc...

  •  fenugreek seeds are very effective as a natural remedy for your hair.  
  • It has many medicinal properties and include,
  • Protein: High amounts amplify the herb’s curative properties for baldness
  • Vitamin C: Helps boost immunity
  • Iron: Good for blood vessels
  • Potassium: Ensures no premature Grey hairs
  • Nicotine Acid: Promotes hair growth
  • Lecithin: Nourishes and strengthens hair follicles; Treats sensitive scalp conditions.

 Making shampoo:

Take two spoons of Faenugreek and add some water to it and keep it overnight....

Next morning grind it like a paste.

Apply to your hair 2 minutes and wash it..

This is also a very good conditioner .

You will get more cool whole day and gets nice sleep as well..
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